Generation @

Generation @ represents total Internet empowerment. Song fi has arrived with an operating system that consolidates and improves the features of Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, iTunes, Pandora, Twitter, Skype, Pro Tools, Photoshop, and Amazon. These companies have created compartmental monopolies that are now, and forever disrupted by our groundbreaking website and mobile application.

The funding of the Arts is our relentless passion, as Song fi was founded by a professional musician. Song fi distributes revenue from our site where it belongs, with 51% paid to school music programs and artist's whose content is published on the "Song fi Broadcast Network" ("SBN"). Income is generated, in part, from Song fi’s revolutionary advertising model known as "Tru-fi Union", which introduces non-invasive "Ad I-cons" that brings mutual prosperity to advertisers, the arts and consumers with "Absolute Privacy Controls".